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 Our Mission is to provide  stabilization to opiate addicted individuals, allowing redirection to a  more normalized existence incorporating better physical and mental  health. 


The Pittard Clinic was opened in  November 2007, under the direction of Dr. M. Donald Pittard. Dr.  Pittard had a long term affiliation with The Toccoa Clinic as a family  practitioner before discovering the unmet need in addiction medicine.  Though Dr. Pittard passed away in the summer of 2011, his family has  maintained in his honor, a solid commitment to provide medical and  counseling services well beyond those required by the Substance Abuse  & Mental Health Services Administration, the federal agency,  responsible for providing direction to all medication associated  treatment facilities for opioid dependence.

We  understand that opiate addiction is a chronic medical condition that  responds to treatment. At The Pittard Clinic, we provide buprenorphine  (subutex) or methadone as medication to stabilize opiate addicted  individuals. Personal counseling with attention to the psychosocial,  legal and financial realities of each of our clients is incorporated  into the treatment program.




* Opiate Addiction

* Methadone / Buprenorphine (Subutex)

* Group Therapy

* Outpatient

* Confidential

* Full Laboratory Testing

* Annual Physicals

* Individualized Treatment Plans 


Why are methadone and buprenorphine used in stabilization of opiate addicted individuals?

 Many critics of  medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opiate addicted individuals  complain that using these opioids are simply replacing one opiate with  another. These medications prescribed and titrated carefully have very  long half lives (the time it takes for one half of the medication in the  body to be removed). This provides for significantly reduced euphoria,  while providing sufficient occupation of the opioid receptors to avoid  withdrawal and cravings. With proper titration and avoidance of other  drug classes which reduce safety (e.g. Alcohol, benzodiazepines) these  medications should allow people to remain alert and capable of the  operating moving machinery. The emphasis of MAT is stabilization. We are  not curing a chronic medical condition. This is akin to our abilities  to treat and stabilize diabetes mellitus despite our inability to effect  a cure. Some people with a proper foundation in the opioid addiction  process can be safely tapered from these medications. This, however,  does not mean the person is cured. Susceptibility to relapse decreases  with each year a person remains opiate free but does not go away. 

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